A downloadable fan game for Windows

Boll Deluxe is a crossover fan game with Mario and Sonic, in which you progress through Mario-styled levels as various Mario or Sonic characters (plus a couple of guests).

This game includes:

-12 playable characters: Sonic, Super Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mecha Sonic, Ashura, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Somari, The Kid, and Giana

-Multiplayer battle mode (featuring kneecapped FPS thanks to Gamemaker 8)

-32 remixed levels

-Special Stages

-Easy modding with skins, a level editor, and a character mod loader

This game is still a beta, so expect a few issues here and there.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(23 total ratings)
AuthorBoll Team
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Fangame, GameMaker, Level Editor, Local multiplayer, Moddable, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


Boll Deluxe 2.0.6B.7z
Boll Deluxe 2.0.6.rar 89 MB
Boll Deluxe

Development log


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how to make warps?????????????????????

hoping that a mustachioed man can make a return as a mecha skin

but for now i need to wait for someone to make a 1.9.3 skin port.

Is it possible to put this on android

idk dude jfgnd

we'll have to redo the whole game (inorder to port it on android), so nope

Thanks for the note, some other person will put the game on Android so you do have to.

huh huh wh what happed oh oh yea it iss a good game yayy me good boy



what it iss a good game dude

Oh. Uuuh, yeah, you got me confused with your near incomprehensible sentence.

oh ok its ok you now cool guy dont worry ok :]

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I accidentally glitched out the lives counter with Sonic and Tails. Broke this block and Tails just continued to bounce on this Koopa shell for about 4 minutes, giving me a ton of lives, ranging from 0-9-A-F before resetting to 0. After you go past xFF lives the counter just sporadically changes to random numbers and letters, I think I broke something
(1 edit)

its an easter egg, kinda
live started to range from 0-9-A-F because theres not enough space to write 100 down.
and when the lives started to become random letters, thats just how infinite lives look like

press  left  shift

what is the NEWEST/LASTEST released version right now?




A 7z file is basically a rar or zip file. You can extract it via 7Zip or an archive extractor that can extract 7z files



how do i get this on chromebook?

how do you use the pipes to teleport players


So, super sonic crashes my game when he touches another player in battle mode, how do i fix this?

(1 edit) (+1)

My computer is old though, but 1.9.3 used to load faster on it, meanwhile 2.0.0+ take AGES to load. Please try to improve compatibility for low-end computer users.

my pc is good and yet the game still takes far longer to load than 1.9.3, it's the problem with the game itself not the compatibility, 2.0 really is a worse version when it comes to coding


it litterally deleted most maps and most skins

I have an idea for a 2.1 kind of update or maybe when the game fully releases:

Add an Online Mode kind of like SRB2 2.2.10. There could also be server ranks, like Guest, Member, Admin, Co-Owner and Owner with different commands for each. I think this will give the game some more playability and will hopefully get you a lot more downloads. There could even be gamemodes, like battle mode or race mode. I hope online functionality isn't too much for you; and just to let you know, this is just a suggestion.

Can you guys make a sonic boll port like sonic 3 air and SRB2 has where you add a website to your home screen then the game just works for iPhone and ipad

what does the B mean? i'm guessing that it's just like option B and i'm stupid but the diffrent file size threw me off

its basically stands for "boll" (confirmed by -S-). but in my opinion its patch for 2.0.6 

Ok thanks

Boll Deluxe 2.0.6B

HELP I Can't Register Video With Xbox Game Bar

There A Bordelles Screen Mode?


seems like a nice but cant play it because its not in a zip folder


how do you launch this.

extract the 7z file using 7zip into an empty folder, and launch the exe

Ok, how do you get that?

(1 edit)

WinRAR download it, simple.

easier with https://cloudconvert.com/rar-to-zip

welp at least this is old and soon update to 2.0.7

edit: welp it from years ago so... maybe update to nov ??? 2023?

(1 edit)

what do you mean?? were currently working on 2.1 right now

sorry my mistake creator

Que tal si hacen una versión completa para Android y Súper sonic

no estamos planeando hacer un puerto para Android, y Super Sonic ya está en el juego

cant play on my new windows 7 32x computor

sure, am hoping for a certain scientist to come back..


(1 edit)

he was speaking of robotnik i assume

how do i use skins



well, your username sure does say a lot 'bout ya
ok so you copy & paste the characters folder (mario for example) in to skins folder, rename it to whatever you want and then start changing sprites, change the player.txt file to change some stuff (like speed of animations or adding/removing frames)

i learnt that before i saw this but thanks 

i saw it today

Can you bring back fang/nack



it would be cool to have an option to download a zip file

this is awesome but being able to go past the flag pole is actually a plague on the earth and you should remove it pls kthx

behind the flagpole gang

(1 edit)

it could be cool to see a release for android


i am confused

its not happening that is my point

it is physically impossible for an android build to happen

Add SMB The Lost Levels

there is a level editor in the game and a gamebananna page for this game

if someone hasn't already made lost levels then feel free to make it yourself

kayden i dont think he can understand us (seeing his poor english)


pourais-tu le metre en zip stp? c'est dificile le 7z


trop bien

The Bowl of Cereal

how did it get the new update?

no one knows how boll gets the new updates. they just arrive sometimes, no one knows when or why

hello new update

I'm no game dev but I do know that a normal music and sound effect volume slider's should be added not whatever is currently in the game for volume.

Played it live.... AND made a video =D.


how the fuck is this made in game maker 8


I will be playing this live 10/4 around 6:30-7 PM EST =).


minus world is unreachable in 2.0.5

just use the editor lol

use knux, hit under the bricks on pipe, go through pipe, done.

or sonic with a gun mod character

soinck bowling DX directors cut deluxe 2.0.5 beta pre-release collectors eiditon

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